At a briefing in the National Assembly of Armenia, Human Rights defender of Armenia Kristine Grigoryan, referring to the issue of the status of Artsakh, said that the tactics of Artsakh’s foreign policy or the achievement of this are the decisions of political decision makers. “For me, as an Ombudsman, the most important principle, which I have repeatedly mentioned, is the availability of sufficient conditions for the guaranteed realization of all the rights of our compatriots living in Artsakh. This is my most important approach as a defender’s mandate,” K. Grigoryan said. Touching upon the question of whether human rights are currently protected in Artsakh, K. Grigoryan said that at the moment, of course, it is impossible to talk about the satisfactory state of human rights protection in Artsakh. “Obviously, first of all, security issues, people don’t have a sense of security. Due to a very aggressive policy, under psychological pressure, pressure or threat, people in many cases were forced to leave their home, could not use their property rights, could not exercise their right to education,” K. Grigoryan said. She added that wars and similar post-war conflicts are directly the biggest risks to the rights of individuals.