Sis is a fortress city in the field of Cilicia of Western Armenia, in the province of Kozan of the province of Adana. The city is surrounded by vast and fertile fields of Cilicia with rich orchards of orange, lemon, almond, olive, grapes and other fruits, vegetables and rice. Sis has been mentioned since ancient times. The city was located in a convenient location from a strategic  point, being away from the coast. Sis became more beautiful and built up during the reign of Hetum I (1226-1270) and his successors. Near the city, on the inaccessible Sis mountain, there was a powerful and strong Sis fortress built by the hands of Armenians, which was a reliable guarantee of security. Sis was also a major religious center; churches of the size of a dozen and a half were built in the city at various times. The city also had high schools worthy of the capital. The Armenians of the Sis suffered greatly from the massacre of 1909, and in 1915-1918 were massively destroyed or evacuated by the Turkish people.