The letter of  Kurm Hmayak to Haykazun Arevordi

At the beginning of the 13th century, Hikazun Alevordsti was led by Kurm Hmmayak. We inherited several letters from him, with the help of which he tried to lead various Haykazuni communities in order to fight their Armenian creed. Below, in translation, I present to you an excerpt from his letters addressed to the Haykazun Arevordis of “Sisakan province” and “Yeghegnadzor. In those years, the church, by imposing taxes on the villagers, put the people in a very difficult situation. Most of the villagers, in order to survive, tried to become monks and, living in monasteries, enjoyed the “benefits” of the villagers.

    Lies, deception and hypocrisy became a universal value, villages were excluded from men because male representatives were accepted in monasteries, therefore, unable to resist numerous external dangers, the country obeyed the whims of any external dictator and guarded this order and protected the church by force, becoming an institution for collecting taxes of external dictator.

    “I say this and testify to our sacred ancestors that you no longer walk the way Christians walk with the vanity of their mind, their thoughts are not clear and they are alienated from the Armenian myths and their ancestors because of ignorance, which is a consequence of the blindness of their hearts. They severed ties with their Armenian roots and greedily indulged in crime and all kinds of treacherous acts.

    However you did not learn from our Nahapet Hayk and the Qrmapet: push away strangers, do not live their way of life, which is corrupted by deception, renew yourself in thought, word and deed and firmly carry the confession of Hayk, created according to the Holy Myth, with righteousness and true holiness. Therefore, drop the falsehood and xenophobia, let everyone tell their friend the truth about the faithful  Hayk, because we are members of the same family, cousins of the same patriarch, whom we call Haykazuns. Rally around the priests who guide you, until that day, so that we will again have the crown of the Armenian Qrmapet on our head.“