My great grandfather’s letter to Zoravar Andranik before the heroic battles of Zangezur. Amazingly, history tends to repeat itself. On October 2, 1918 my great grandfather, Hayrapet Arushanyanants, on behalf of himself and Khndzoresk society, sent a letter to Zoravar Andranik that the Great Zoravar would be their leader to confront the enemy, as historical Artsakh had fallen and was in danger. The story is quite long, on another occasion I will tell you more details about the heroic episodes, but the fact is at that time Syunik became a fist and began to create a fatal battle and heroic history under the leadership of the Great Zoravar. I am really proud to have brave, strong, and decisive decision-making fathers who did not kneel, were not afraid, and were ready at all costs to fight for Syunik, for our Holy Motherland. You can read the full letter and be sure that almost nothing has changed. We are in the same situation as a century ago.

Our grandfathers were brave and determined in their decisions and it was that victorious spirit that was the driving force of heroic struggle. By the call of blood today we are compelled to be worthy of the legacy of our grandfathers. Either we must earn the right to live at the cost of blood or be condemned to destruction. After all, our grandfathers, our heroes, have proved that limits are not only by force, arms, and they are drawn in blood. We have no right to slip and make fatal mistakes in any case. You can’t escape destiny, history repeats itself, therefore, Syunik must continue to bear a special heroic character and will. After all, we are obliged to be strong as we have the right to live in our Homeland. History reminds us that at any moment, the Armenian strong gene won, and the blood never becomes water. We lost most of Artsakh and it is our generation who is obliged to bring back what was lost. Our genes will speak, most definitely, I have no doubts about it.