The head of the Khnus province branch of the Alevi Cultural Association Pir Sultan Abdal Yashar Chelik said that due to the ongoing economic crisis, Alevi villages are rapidly being emptied. According to him, in most of the 38 villages of Alevi, there are only two or three houses left, and there is no more cattle breeding, which is considered the livelihood of the local population. Noting that there is no more milk production in the villages, Yashar Chelik also criticized the state’s farming policy. “Our pastures are insufficient now. The lands of villages with pastures are leased by the state for about 4 years. Those from Urfa, Tigranakert, or other provinces can buy pastures that are put up for competitive sale. For this reason, most of the population of our village has left. Emigration has always been there, but after 2015 it became more active. When the population is small, we can no longer perform our religious rites. Our religious leader Pir also rarely visits the village”.