The Ad Astra team of the engineering Club of project training of the Ayb school became the winner of the contest “Competition of the youth Universe named after Kemurdjian 2022”. The device created by Ayb students will be sent into space as the winner of the competition. The flight is planned from the rocket launched into space in June. Armenian youths aged 12-21 took part in the competition. The 197-gram payload device, developed by students of the Ayb school, will be installed on a suborbital rocket and sent into outer space to an altitude of up to 125 km, that is, it will cross the conditional boundary of space (Karman line). The device will be in space for 2-3 minutes and during this time it will collect data on the trajectory of the rocket, changes in temperature and pressure, speed, as well as the intensity of ultraviolet radiation and ozone concentration. After carrying out the planned measurements, the device will fall back together with the rocket. Thanks to the victory in the competition, students of the engineering club of project training of the Ayb school will also have the opportunity to take part in the 6th International Scientific Festival “Starmus”.