The international forum on “Human Rights and Accountability after the War” at the American University of Armenia was also attended by the representative of Armenia to the European Court of Human Rights Yeghishe Kirakosyan, who during the conference touched upon the legal processes carried out in the UN Court and the ECHR(European Court of Human Rights). Yeghishe Kirakosyan stated that Azerbaijan has been preparing the international community for many years to justify the use of force. For example, texts and reports were published in which their territorial rights were presented, the Republic of Armenia was presented as an aggressor. These reports were presented by well-known scientists who have  the  power to influence the world. When asked what role the international press can play in terms of influencing the opinion of the international community, he replied: “Of course, the role of the international press is crucial, but before that we must be able to make the right accents to present and transmit to the international media all the stories of war crimes. This can have a great impact on the formation of people’s correct perception”.