Out of about 1300 state monuments of the Shirak region of the Republic of Armenia, 60 are under threat. Frequent earthquakes are also among the reasons. The head of the Shirak regional service of the “Protection of historical and cultural museums-reserves and historical environment ” Valery Nazaretyan noted that the recently registered earthquakes in the region caused the most serious problem for the Krasar Bridge. The bridge is a unique structure. The bridge, built in the 1800s, is similar to the bridge in the city of Kars. 

The next monument on the State List, which suffers not only because of the earthquakes but also because of the lack of coverage, is the mosaic of the “Dance of the Sasuntsi” of the Gyumri Railway Workers’ Palace of Culture, on which new cracks have appeared. These circumstances contribute to the decomposition of the mosaic.