The 7th session of the 2nd convocation of the National Assembly of Western Armenia was held on May 28. The meeting was attended by deputies of Western Armenia, the President of Western Armenia Armenag Aprahamian, and members of the government. The meeting was chaired by NA President Nelly Harutyunyan. 

With a minute of silence and after the performance of the anthem of the Republic of Western Armenia “Zartir Lao”, the Chairman of the National Assembly of the Western  Armenia Nelly Harutyunyan presented the preface and the order of the day of the session.

At the beginning of the session, MP Simon Taronian introduced Western Armenian citizen Asadur Balkes as a candidate for deputy, who was unanimously elected as a member of the National Assembly after submitting the signatures of 30 citizens of Western Armenia. 

Asadur Balkes was born in the city of Dersim in Western Armenia on 01/04/1978. He led various public organizations. Currently, he is a representative of the Armenian platform Dersim in Dersim, and at the same time, heads the cultural magazine “Armenian Dersim”, dedicated to the same platform, and is also the editor-in-chief. Western Armenia congratulates the newly elected MP and wishes him fruitful work.

In the next item on the agenda, the NA Speaker presented to the Commission of the National Assembly of Western Armenia, namely:

1. Legal Committee

2. Committee of Veterans and Disabled People and Patriotic Public and Community organizations

3. Committee on Foreign Relations and Parliamentary Relations with Other Countries

4. Committee on National Culture, Art and Heritage, Traditional Knowledge

5. Committee for the Management of Educational, Scientific, Commercial, and Information Resources

6. Committee for the Development of Economy, Finance, Environment, and Energy

7. Committee on Family, Women, Health, Children, and Sports

8. Committee on Defense, Security, and Emergency Situations

9. Council of Internal Affairs, Parliamentary Commission on Communication and Ethics

10. Committee on Communication, Genocide, and Compensation.

During the next news releases, we will periodically present reports and speeches made at the 7th session of the 2nd convocation of the National Assembly.