The Byurakn regional administration of occupied Western Armenia has issued a written statement on the construction of a thermal power plant in the village of Khalfan in the Karlova district of Bingel province, where it was claimed that it will not be built. According to the provincial administration, it was planned to extract 78 million tons of coal. The statement reads: “The use of 78 million tons of coal in the Karlova province will be carried out on a competitive basis without creating a thermal power plant. Inventories in the mentioned area can be extracted in an open way, and the delivery will be carried out by concluding a contract with the operator winning the tender, in accordance with the provisions of the contract and technical conditions. The purpose of the competition is not to create a thermal power plant, but to use coal in the interests of the economy.” Western Armenia cannot be indifferent to these similar events, therefore, it raises its voice against the illegal use of natural resources in its own territories.