On June 7, the European Parliament adopted a report on Turkey, in which it called on that country to recognize the genocide committed against the Armenians, to respect its commitment to the protection of the Armenian cultural heritage. The report, adopted by 448 votes in favor, 67 against and 107 abstentions, touched upon the latest efforts aimed at the settlement of Armenian-Turkish relations. 

The Council of Europe, referring to the resolution adopted by the structure on April 15, 2015 in memory of the victims of the  Genocide of Armenians, once again called on Turkey to recognize the  Genocide of Armenians and fully respect its obligations to protect the Armenian and other cultural heritage. The 17th paragraph of the report notes that the Council of Europe welcomes the adoption by the Turkish authorities of a new human rights action program in March 2021, although a number of problems remain unresolved. 

They call on the Turkish authorities to step up their efforts to effectively address the housing and educational situation of Kurds, (indigenous) Armenians and, in particular, the Roma community. The 42nd paragraph welcomes the recent rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia regarding the decision to conclude bilateral agreements, appoint special representatives and resume flights between the two countries and calls on the EU to actively contribute to this process and once again calls on Turkey to recognize the Genocide of Armenians.