Turkologist, Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of YSU Ruben Melkonyan on Sputnik Armenia touched upon the CE report on Turkey. “There are various stable words in the big political trade, and the issues of the Genocide of Armenians, Armenian or Kurdish issues are very often raised to put pressure on Turkey,” Melkonyan said. According to his observation, in comparison with other structures, in the case of this European structure, one can state, first of all, continuity in terms of sometimes touching on the topic of the Genocide of Armenians. Touching upon the accents of the report, the Turkologist noted that they are quite correct and clear, not only in terms of recognition of the genocide but also in terms of preserving Armenian cultural and spiritual structures located on the territory of Turkey. “This document has at least two meanings: firstly, to state that Turkey is going to settle relations with Armenia without making any conclusions or positive steps in terms of opposing history, and secondly, it is also a clear indicator that the phenomenon called the era of peace of Turkey has nothing to do with reality, the same Turkey that continues its anti-human and genocidal thinking these days,” Melkonyan said.