A butterfly is a symbol of change and awakening, a creature that is originally a worm and can crawl, but in an amazing transformation, having passed the cocoon stage turns from crawling into a creature flying into infinity. In fact, the butterfly is a symbol of transformation.I have many experiences when you introduce the Armenian faith to a person who considers himself an Armenian but is captive to the beliefs of others, explain who our Armenian Gods are and what role and significance they play in the life of an Armenian, and tell about Nahapet Hayk and tell how his other ancestors cut themselves off from the patriarch of their people and his religion today and they imposed the faith of other people as their shrine, they begin to realize that for centuries his nation continues to fall because they imposed another fuel on the movement of his nation, which was destroyed at one time and was unable to give the nation heights. 

An Armenian who has reached this idea begins to live in the stage of a painful cocoon and in the process turns from a crawling worm into a flying butterfly. Haykazun is born here, which is no longer among crawling species in the field of religions and beliefs but flies confidently and proudly in the sky of its national religion. 

May all people live by their national faith, and the Armenian lives by the sacred faith of his ancestors Haykazun and thus be renamed Armenian again.

Kurm Harut Arakelian

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