During the 7th session of the National Assembly of Western Armenia of the 2nd convocation, the deputy of the National Assembly of Western Armenia, member of the 5th NA Commission on the Management of Educational, Scientific, Commercial and Information Resources Ani Bedevian presented a report in which she introduced the work done by the commission. Members of the 5th Commission Ani Bedevian, Leonardo Basmajian, and Alejandro Dorumian have developed a program according to which they will jointly compile an explanatory, illustrated dictionary of Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian for children under 15  and people who do not speak Armenian. 

After the book is published, audio-video versions of the book will be created. Ani Bedevian’s report was followed by an exchange of views. One of the deputies of the Commission on communication, Genocide, and compensation proposed to draw up a program dedicated to Hrant Dink, within which it will be possible to organize a screening of films dedicated to Dink, as well as photos of Dink and a meeting with young Turkologists.

In the next news release we will present the report of Deputy Guillermo Karamanian.