After the Armenian fortress city was captured by the enemy, dozens of historical and cultural monuments, museums and exhibition halls, and archaeological materials remained under enemy control. It is obvious what extreme manifestations of vandalism and barbarism are taking place in the occupied territories. We have recently learned with regret that, among a number of historical and cultural values, Azerbaijanis have also desecrated the Nelson Stepanyan Square in Shushi, where a great friend of the Armenian people Kim Bakshi is buried, which was attended by writers, art historians, scientists from Armenia, Russia and other countries. The event turned into a kind of memorial day, which featured speeches by the famous Armenian scholar, writer, and publicist Kim Bakshi about the rich scientific heritage he left. Bakshi’s entire literary and scientific activity is a vivid example of the friendship of people. The memory of the devoted friend of the Armenian people is kept alive in Armenia and Artsakh today, assessing the humanitarian mission of the writer and the Armenian scholar on various occasions.