Armenia is the center of winemaking, this is how the leading international media center Euronews titled its address, proclaiming the Armenian Highlands as the ancient homeland of winemaking. As reported by”Armenpress”, “Euronews” talks about the traditions of 8000-year-old culture and 6000-year-old wine culture, adding that when thinking about wine, one should not miss one of the oldest wine-growing regions of Armenia. The media attaches importance to the fact that the unique exhibits recently opened in Armenia, stored in the Museum of the History of Wine, open the way for visitors to the past of Armenian winemaking. The museum is located just 30 km from Yerevan, at the Armenia Wine winery, located 8 meters from basalt rocks. Attaching importance to the museum’s tendency to popularize the culture of ancient winemaking, Euronews also points to the presence of a bibliography, which indicates that Armenia is indeed the cradle of winemaking.