The winner of the essay contest “New Jersey” is Narek Mkrtchyan and Alex Aghabab, who was one of the six winners of the essay contest AYF Camp Armenia Campership of the Council of Youth Seminars 2022 of the “Arsen” branch in New Jersey. “Despite the recognition of the Genocide of  Armenians, the results of the war continue. How do we feel as Armenians of America? Since the liberation of Artsakh in the early 1990s, Armenians everywhere have dreamed that one day the Artsakh region could reunite with Armenia and bring us one step closer to our goal of a free, independent and united Armenia. Nevertheless, the Artsakh War of 2020 and the ongoing aggression of the Azerbaijani armed forces through the violation of the ceasefire regime not only hindered this program, but also seriously affected daily life both in the region of the Republic of Artsakh and in Armenia. During the war, tens of thousands of civilians in the Artsakh region were forced to move to Armenia because the war was too violent and dangerous to stay in their homes. The official recognition of the  Genocide of Armenians by President Biden, as well as by all 50 US states, is a huge victory for the Armenian community. As an American of Armenian descent, I am outraged that people with such a rich history and culture are treated as second-class citizens. The time has come to give our support to those who, in our opinion, will defend what is right and take steps not only to help Armenia, but also the whole world in any matter.