During the 7th session of the NA of Western Armenia of the 2nd convocation, member of the 3rd NA Commission on Foreign Relations and Parliamentary Relations with Other Countries Dr. Guillermo Karamanian presented the report of the commission. The members of the 3rd Commission took steps to obtain official documents of the states that recognized the Republic of Armenia in 1920. The Commission is also studying the composition of the heads of parliaments of the countries that recognized the  Genocide of Armenians. 

The purpose of all this is to develop a draft law that will enable the aforementioned states to support Western Armenia, which is considered the continuity of the Republic of Armenia of 1920. After Guillermo Karamanian’s report, NA Speaker Nelly Harutyunyan thanked the deputies and urged them to be more active in the issue of new programs.

In the next issue we will introduce N. Harutyunyan’s report on the functions and general provisions of the Legal Commission.