The 7th session of the 2nd convocation of the National Assembly was held in an atmosphere of discussions and proposals. After the reports were presented by the members of the commissions, NA Speaker Nelly Harutyunyan made a report in which she presented in detail the function and general provisions of the legal commission. The Law Commission convened its first meeting on November 5, 2020. The topic “the issue of Artsakh today” was discussed on the agenda, which includes the following important issues: why and under what conditions to demand the independence of Artsakh, what are the borders and consequences?

    According to the NA Speaker, as a result of the discussion on 24/02/2021, a draft law on the recognition of the autonomy of Artsakh was developed.

We consistently present the drafts of all the adopted laws․

Draft law on Nakhichevan

Draft law of 09/08/2021 – on the accumulation of mandates

Draft law 14/08/2021-Relations between Western Armenia and the Republic of Armenia

Draft law of 26/02/2022 – on the deportation of Armenians of Artsakh, Shushi and Hadrut regions

Draft law of 05/03/2022 – on the chronology of countries and institutions that recognized the Genocide of Armenians

Draft law of 12/03/2022 – on the states that recognized the independence of the Republic of Armenia on the territory of Western Armenia.

The agenda also discussed the issues of amendments to the Electoral Code, the adoption of the declaration by the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh in response to the declaration and appeals to the countries that recognized the Republic of  Western Armenia under the copyright of Pablo Paylanian in connection with the 9th anniversary of the National Assembly of Western Armenia.

In the next item on the agenda, the draft law of 28/05/2022 on Amendments to the Internal Regulations of the National Assembly was discussed. Nelly Harutyunyan concluded the report with a speech on the activities of the National Assembly.