Built in the seventh century, the monastery of Hakobavank, which is the residence of the Catholicos, is in a ruined state today, like many of our monasteries. Photos from Bishop Bagrat’s visit to Artsakh were spread on the Facebook page of the Tavush Diocese. As noted by the leaders of the Tavush and Artsakh dioceses, Bishops Bagrat and Vrtanes, the condition of our churches is a direct reflection of our life. The restoration of Hakobavank and the creation of surrounding infrastructures can become a symbol and a source of new life in Artsakh. Bishop Vrtanes said: “Let’s look at our Artsakh, Nakhichevan – there is nothing left, everything is destroyed. Today, our nation must conclude a “contract” with itself that we have nothing more to give to the enemy. If each person makes such a clear decision himself, it will become a National Alliance.” “Our heart is with victory, and let it begin again, stand before us with the restoration of Hakobavank,” Bishop Bagrat said.