The priest of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrey Tkachev, speaking about the tension in Artsakh-Azerbaijani relations, said: “In general, it is an absurd word when Turkey says that our Azerbaijani brothers, Turkish brothers, etc. live there. Listen, the whole of Turkey is former Armenia: the whole of Turkey with its Kabadoks, Antalya, Anatolia – it was all strong Armenia. When did the demands start? In general, there is little that can be built on territorial requirements. There are some other mechanisms that work here. Armenians are the only Christian nation surrounded by Muslim countries. The sign of the cross is revered on these people, the name of God is tattooed on them, this is a biblical, ancient nation, the nation that first adopted Christianity. Azerbaijan, what do you understand about your geography, where is the north and the East really?”:

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