“Aurora Sunrise ” is a historical animated documentary about the life of Aurora Mardiganyan. At just 14 years old, in 1915, Mardiganyan faced the horrors of the  Genocide of Armenians. A year later, she saw the death of everyone in her family, she lost everything. With unusual bravery and luck, Mardiganyan fled to America. The purpose of the Zoryan Institute is to bring to life the evidence of their history on the big screen through animated documentaries, to convey to young generations the stories of survivors of the genocide. The film is directed by Inna Sahakyan and produced by Bars Media. This is just the beginning of how these priceless stories of the survivors of the Genocide of  Armenians will become known. The world premiere of the film ” Aurora Sunrise ” will take place this week at the prestigious Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France.