As in other regions of Western Armenia, in Van until the beginning of the 19th century, education was concentrated in monasteries and was intended for those who were preparing for monasticism and the priesthood. In turn, the priests who were educated in monasteries taught only their children and a few other children reading in order to pass the priesthood from generation to generation. The first (male) school in the city of Van was founded in the 1820s, in Qakhaqamej quarter at the Vardan Church on the initiative of the rich merchant Hacob agha Garaseferian. According to statistics prepared by the Patriarchate of Constantinople in 1834, there were 3 Armenian schools in the city of Van. Despite the fact that individual schools are not named in this list, it can be assumed that these are the schools of the Church of St. Vardan of the city of Aygestan and the Church of Norashen.