Lydia Margosyan’s speech at the 7th session of the 2nd convocation of the National Assembly, we quote․ First of all, I welcome all of You and the Speaker of the Republic of Western Armenian Parliament Mrs. Harutyunyan, and express my gratitude for holding this session. Our ministry has done its job.

Taking into account the events of the last few months, we have sent official letters to the United Nations, the Minsk Group, and the chairmen of numerous parliaments to remind them of the fundamental rights of the Armenian people. 

We want to remind you that it was thanks to the great work of Pogos Nubar in 1920 that 34 states recognized Armenia – current Western Armenia. However, the rights of recognized Western Armenia have not been confirmed.  France has a great obligation under the Treaty of Sevres since it was signed in France and the ratification of the Treaty of Sevres is in the hands of France. The Treaty of Sevres was applied to a number of independent states, with the exception of Western Armenia, and that, according to the “Reality Treaty”, unequal treatment was manifested in this region of the world.