Ishkhan Gevorgyan and Ashkhen Hovhanissyan are a young couple who, before marriage, think about how to organize a wedding ceremony so that it becomes memorable and original. They both love nature, hiking, overcoming mountains, and heights, and this common preference became the basis for the organization of the wedding ceremony. “We have talked many times with Ishkhan about our dream to climb Masis. Most Armenians always dream of climbing Ararat, this desire seems to be from childhood.I always suggested to Ishkhan after marriage let’s go to Masis. Then one day we talked, and Ishkhan said: Let’s go and get married right away on the top of Masis. Naturally, I agreed,” says Ashkhen Hovhannisyan. A young couple with a smile and admiration recalls the original wedding day, and tells about a strong, proud feeling, staying in Western Armenia at this moment. Western Armenia congratulates a young couple who held their wedding on the highest mountain peak of Western Armenia-Ararat.