Archaeological excavations will begin on the Zernak Hill in Western Armenia. The hill has a 2,600-year history. As you know, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ozgul Ozkan Yavuz conducted research on the Zernak hill in the Van province of Archesh. On this occasion, Professor Rafet Cavusoglu said: “The Zernak hill, whose 2,600-year history reaches the Ararat Kingdom, occupies an area of 240 hectares, and not a single mortar was used in the construction of the fortress walls “. In the southern part of the territory over the past years, as a result of illegal excavations, 2 rock tombs were discovered, which, unfortunately, were robbed by treasure hunters.”

Western Armenia expresses hope that the excavations will be carried out on the principle of justice, and Turkey, as in many cases,  will not try to erase or distort the Armenian traces.