This is Armenia … and that’s all.

Today is the Memorial Day of the great Armenian commander Leonid Azgaldyan, whom Western Armenia remembers as a national ideology, which must be deeply and thoroughly recognized. On Memorial Day, the Western Armenian delegation visited and laid flowers at the bust of the commander. L.Azgaldyan was a talented scientist, radiophysicist, inventor, and experienced military figure.

In 1988, Leonid perceived the national awakening as a great opportunity to devote himself to the Motherland. In 1990, he was the commander of the “independence army”, well aware that only with weapons can the idea of liberating the Motherland be realized. Commander Leonid Azgaldyan also thought about Western Armenia, he was the successor of the proud Cilician volunteers who fought for the liberation of Cilicia. The only difference is that the commander did not fight for the flag, he fought for the liberation of the Armenian people and Homeland. Leonid Azgaldyan died on June 21, 1992, in the Martakert region near the village of Tonashen. Posthumously awarded the Order of the RA “Battle Cross” of the first degree, the highest rank of the NKR “Hero of Artsakh”.