A  documentary book on the  Genocide of Armenians has been published in Spain for the first time. Author of the Spanish-language book “The Armenian Genocide” (El Genocidio de Los Armenios), lecturer of modern world history at the University of San Pablo Madrid, lawyer Ricardo Ruiz de la Serna, has been studying the Genocide of Armenians carried out by the Young Turks in the Ottoman Empire in 1915 for many years and is fighting for recognition of the  Genocide of Armenians in Spain at the national level. Spain has not yet recognized the  Genocide of Armenians at the level of parliament or government, but instead, resolutions on the recognition of the Genocide have been adopted by the legislative or executive bodies of many Spanish cities, districts, and states. Among them are Navarre, Valencia, Malaga, San Sebastian, Catalonia, the Basque Country, and others.