The Hayastan Pan-Armenian Foundation in Artsakh is building roads and houses, extracting water, and mitigating the consequences of the 44-day catastrophic war. 50-kilometer roads are being built in Kochoghot and Kagartsi, upper and inner Horatagh, Martakert-Chankatagh and on the sections leading to Dahrav, Astkhashen, and Patara. One of the roads under construction passes through the village of Astkhashen in the Askeran region. The head of the community Artur Grigoryan says that the Astkhashen-Patara road will be of great importance for the socio-economic development of the two villages. “Tourism will develop, and communication with our capital Stepanakert will be more convenient,” Grigoryan says. A new settlement is being built next to Astkhashen, to Patara – more than 200 houses. These houses are intended for residents of the occupied communities of the Askeran district who have lost their home. Today, 30 displaced families -130 residents – have settled in Astkhashen: Armenians living in Western Armenia, living in the occupied territory, also face a number of problems that would not have existed if dictatorial Turkey had not exterminated the indigenous Armenians.

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