The group of deputies led by the President of Western Armenian  A. Apramian continues to visit various regions of Western Armenia. The visit is accompanied by the discovery of a number of historical facts. On June 18, the Western Armenian working group visited the Armenian Mother of God Anahit Church, which today is called Altyntepe (Golden Hill). The members of the group tell about the visit․

“On the way we met a beautiful bridge, which was built in the time of the Ararat Kingdom and rebuilt in the 19th century. The distortion of historical facts in the Turkish style was expected, and this time the real history of the historical bridge was falsified, without mentioning anything about its creation. The visit to the temple of the mother goddess Anahit was filled with a lot of positive emotions. It is impossible to describe what positive energy we received there only in words. It should be noted that the Altintepe hill is under state control, and the reconstruction work started in 2003 has not yet been completed. Our delegation also visited the historical fortress of Kamakhi. This magnificent building, built on high cliffs, not only surprises but also forces us to stand up for the rich heritage of our grandfathers, of which the aforementioned fortress is a silent witness. In the evening, our delegation met with a number of citizens of Western Armenia, including newly elected MP Asadur Balkes, to whom his deputy mandate was transferred. Some Western Armenian citizens have been handed new passports. The meeting was also attended by Dersim residents, including a member of the Council of the city of Dersim Makbule Talga, who held discussions with our citizens. Members of the Dersim Hay Platform organization were also present. During the conversation, issues related to Western Armenia were discussed, there were proposals to organize a meeting in Yerevan, to discuss and implement deeper issues. Mutual trust and sympathy have been created between us and Dersim compatriots, many of their concerns have not yet been voiced. The meeting ended with the expectation of the meeting to be held in the near future. “