The policy of denial of the  Genocide of Armenians in Turkey continues at all levels. In addition to state policy and propaganda, the policy of denial has also moved to the field of foundations. A number of anti-Armenian structures have united and created the TEKAR Foundation (an abbreviation meaning a foundation studying the Turkish-Armenian theme). Its main goal was declared to be “the fight against the allegations of the Genocide of Armenians.” The first general meeting of this fund, which has received a new registration, will be held on June 25, and thus the legal procedure for the formation of TEKAR will be completed. The Foundation has also developed a work plan in which it is noted that they want to ensure the correct chronological sequence by presenting the events of 1914-1924 “with healthy approaches”. Naturally, their “healthy approach” means to justify the genocidal policy of the Ottoman state at any cost.

Western Armenia remains true to its values and will continue to fight both for recognition of the genocide and against the denial.