The delegation of Western Armenia visited the Girlevik Yerznka Waterfall, one of the unique natural wonders of Western Armenia, then went to the village of Deirmenli. An Armenian church was also found in this village, on the walls of which there were still Armenian inscriptions. From there, our delegation went to various settlements in the province of Dersim, where there were some half-destroyed churches. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, it was impossible to see all the Armenian shrines, the existence of which was confirmed by local residents.

There are still Armenian churches named after the Virgin Mariam in various localities of Dersim province. We consider it necessary to note that all these churches were built in the place of the temples of Our Lady God Anahit. During this period, we know of 18 similar churches. There were also many churches on the basis of which mosques were built. During the mission in Dersim, our delegates stopped at a rock that locals call the “depth of massacre”. In 1915, a large number of Armenians were thrown from the top of the rock, and this way the name originated. It should be noted that a few years ago a ceremony of commemoration of the victims of the  Genocide of Armenians was held at this place, which was also attended by Western Armenian MP Mihran Prkic. The next point of the trip was the once Armenian-populated province of Hozat in Dersim, where the most remarkable was the open-air museum. It shows paintings depicting the  Dersim massacre in 1938, which indicate that the people killed were indigenous to this region. The most memorable and impressive visit on this day was, perhaps, a visit to the cold mountain springs. This is a holy place, where pure springs come from the breast of the rocks, which in fact symbolize the milk of the goddess Anahit. There is such an energy here that it is impossible to describe only in words.

This holy water sums up all the power of Mother Anahit. In the evening, the deputies and the president visited the office of the Armenian platform of Dersim, where Western Armenian citizens from Dersim were also present. An exchange of views took place in a warm atmosphere, questions were asked and answered. The President and the Prime Minister of Western Armenia made some speeches.