Western Armenian Culture Minister Raffi Kortoshian wrote on his Facebook page: “From the message of the Azerbaijani website Ojknews dated July 17, we find out that the church of the village of Nizh was “repaired” by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. The fact is that representatives of Azerbaijan’s Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities visited the Church of St. Eghishe in the village of Nizh on this day and expressed satisfaction with the “repairmen” of the church. By the way, it was known that during these works, in the 2000s, two Armenian protocols of the church were erased and destroyed, but until now it was not known exactly which Azerbaijani body sponsored this case.” Western Armenia constantly touches on such cases and states that neighboring countries extend their genocidal policy to cultural values.

Hundreds of similar cases occurred after the genocide committed against the Armenians when some Armenians were killed, and another part was forced to leave their native territories, leaving their centuries-old culture in the same place, which today is distorted or eliminated by the occupiers.