The delegation of Western Armenia, continuing its mission in its homeland, on the fourth day of the trip, went to Kharberd, and from there to Tigranakert. On the territory of Kharberd, our delegates were lucky enough to meet various cultural structures bearing an Armenian trace. Unfortunately, some of them were destroyed, for example, two Armenian churches in the village of Ekinozu – the St. Mariam  Church and a church whose name we could not find out. We want to remind you that the churches bearing the name of the Mariam Astvatsatsin were built in the place of the temples of  God Anahit. Approximately on the same territory, there was a spring with three sources, from which pure mountain water has been flowing for centuries. In general, almost the entire territory of Western Armenia is rich in mountain springs. In Kharberd, our delegation also visited the Balu Fortress, which was built on a hill above the Aratsani River. This magnificent building proves once again how brave and independent our ancestors were. From here our delegation went to the historical city of Tigranakert, which was founded by the Armenian king Tigran the Great. In Tigranakert, one of the centers of ancient civilization,  architectural monuments have been preserved even today, only some of them were possible to see. Among them were the Armenian church of St. Kirakos and huge walls. Tigranakert is also home to the Armenian quarter of Sur, which has been the cradle of the indigenous Armenian people for thousands of years. Unfortunately, today the Sur district is deprived of Armenians and, under the pretext of some state program, it has been destroyed, having lost its beauty. Near Sur stands an architectural masterpiece, the largest church in the Middle East – St. Kirakos, a visit to which was a great honor for our delegation. In Tigranakert, the evening continued in a pleasant atmosphere together with the Western Armenian citizens gathered there from different regions. During the meeting, the birthday of the Western Armenia TV employee was celebrated.