Human Rights defender of the Republic of Armenia Kristine Grigoryan has published a message on her Facebook page on the occasion of the International Day of Assistance to Victims of Torture celebrated on June 26. “On June 26, humanity celebrates the International Day of Support for Victims of Torture. Providing the necessary assistance to the victims of this inhuman crime, survivors, as well as their family members should be a direct obligation of those states that have assumed international obligations,” the message reads. “And specifically on the example of the 44-day Artsakh war, many examples have been documented when many of our compatriots were subjected to torture and inhuman treatment by the Azerbaijani armed forces. Representatives of the Azerbaijani authorities subjected to torture and inhuman treatment, as well as subjected Armenian captives of war and civilians held in Baku in violation of international obligations.” the RA Ombudsman stressed. The TV channel of Western Armenia has repeatedly addressed war crimes, documenting videos and photographs distributed during the 44-day war. The international community should show its tough reaction to this, thereby preventing other similar cases.