The delegation of Western Armenia, continuing its mission in the homeland, went from Tigranakert to Van. On the way we stopped in the historical town of Silvan, where there were also traces of Armenian architecture. It should be noted that there is a false opinion regarding Silvan, according to which this particular Tigranakert was founded by Tigran the Great. However, historical facts tell a different story: the real Tigranakert is today’s city of Diyarbakir, which we talked about in the previous issue. After a long  trip, our delegation arrived in Van, and from there to Lake Van. A meeting with Armenians was also held here, after which the delegates went to Akhtamar Island. The St. Khach Armenian Church built on the island complements the unsurpassed beauty of one of the wonders of nature – Lake Van. Then the delegation with its mission went to Mush. The Armenian city of Mush has now completely changed its former appearance and structure. In the next issue we will present the details of the Western Armenian delegation’s mission to the St. Karapet Monastery in Mush.