Archaeologists have resumed excavations in the ancient city of Perre, located in the Adiyaman province of Western Armenia, which is considered one of the five important cities where traces of the kingdom of Commagene were discovered. Excavations, which were suspended in 2021, have resumed in the Old Town, an area of 200 square meters in the Orenley district, to which two new areas have been added. There is a lot of wealth under the layers of the ancient city of Perre. At the moment, excavations are continuing on this territory. Last year, residential places appeared on the territory of the necropolis, next to which, as a result of three years of excavations, an endless staircase was discovered, only the beginning of which is known, and the end is not visible. More than 100 staircases have already been opened and work continues. However, it remains a mystery where the stairs go down. Western Armenia itself is a mystical country, and the structures that Armenians founded thousands of years ago are vivid proof of this. However, it is important to preserve the Armenian trace here.