The delegation consisting of deputies of Western Armenia, headed by President Armenag Aprahamian, continued its mission in the homeland going from Mush to the historic city of Kars. The Armenian city of Kars, as well as other settlements of Western Armenia, today is also under the rule of foreign invaders. It should be noted that the Armenian Kars is located in the Vanand province of the Ayrarat province, at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level.

During the reign of Arshakuni (52-428) Kars was a small fortress town, perhaps the residence of the princely family of Vanandetsi. In 1921, Soviet Russia transferred the Kars region to its friend Turkey under the Moscow and Kars Treaties. 

The delegation of Western Armenia in Kars had the opportunity to see the monuments of Armenian culture and architecture. Armenian churches, houses, and the famous Kars fortress are still preserved. The Armenian breath was felt everywhere, which became warmer during communication with citizens of Armenian nationality. Time cannot change a person’s national identity and connection with their roots. Then our delegation went to the ruins of the ancient Armenian capital city Ani. Next time, we will refer to the observation mission of the delegation in Ani city.