In one of the press conferences of the Armenian Prime Minister, it is said that some territories located outside the former NKAO should be controlled by Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani side also says this. And the Armenian side should remember that the former territories of the NKAO of the Martakert region – the north and the eastern part – remain occupied. The eastern and southern parts of the Martuni region, Shushi, which is the former territory of the NKAO, and the Hadrut region completely remain occupied. If we are talking about the fact that Agavno and Berdzor are located outside the former borders of the NKAO, isn’t it time to also remember that Hadrut is located within the NKAO? These issues need to be raised immediately. Despite all these statements, the position of Western Armenia will remain unchanged, the entire territory of Artsakh is an integral part of the Republic of Western Armenia recognized in 1920.