On May 27, 28 and 30, a verdict was delivered by e-mail to the Hrant Dink Foundation in the framework of the case against Ersin Bashkan and Hussein Atesh on “threats through anonymous letters or conventional signs”. At the meeting, the protesting party’s lawyers, noting that they generally agree with the decision, argue that the crime in question, in which the murder of Hrant Dink was mentioned, was committed on the basis of existing or spreading the threat of organizations. Accordingly, the lawyers demand that the defendants be punished for a crime qualified as a “deliberate threat”. In defense, the defendants’ lawyer demanded to acquit them, stating they have nothing to do with any organization, and the specified quality of the crime has nothing to do with the situation. The court sentenced Hussein Atesh to 2.5 years in prison for a crime classified as a “chain or joint threat”, and Ersin Bashkan to 2 years in prison for the same crime. Lawyers for the Hrant Dink Foundation said the defendants should be punished on charges of “deliberate threat”. Western Armenia expresses its support to the Armenians who have applied to the court with a just claim, and notes that under no circumstances can their rights be violated.