The delegation consisting of deputies and members of the government of Western Armenia headed by the President of Western Armenia Armenag Aprahamian, continuing its mission in the homeland, stopped at the ruins of the once Armenian capital, the cradle of culture and civilization of the city of Ani. This time, the mission of our delegation was an observer, since Ani is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, and this world structure is directly obliged to preserve, even restore and keep under constant control the ruins of Ani with all its surrounding territory. It should be noted that in the description posted on the official UNESCO website, Ani is presented as a city founded by Armenians. Then the delegation studied the entire territory of the ruins of Ani and was able to record a number of facts that, unfortunately, indicate UNESCO’s omissions. Our delegates noted the fact that excavations were taking place on the territory of Ani. One thing is clear that the excavations are carried out with the permission of the Ministry of Culture of the Turkish state. By the way, excavations have been carried out here before and are also planned in the near future. All the facts recorded as a result of the observation mission in the ruins of Ani will be presented in detail on our website in the near future.