On June 29, the 26th meeting of the Western Armenian National Assembly was held, which was attended by our deputies living in different countries. The agenda of the meeting mainly included one issue – the visit-mission of the NA President, deputies, the President and Prime Minister of Western Armenia. NA Speaker Nelly Harutyunyan presented the objectives of the mission – to consider mainly the condition of the UNESCO-controlled and other monuments of Western Armenia, and also touched upon the ceremony of awarding the mandate of the new NA deputy in Dersim. The NA deputies participating in the mission shared their impressions and suggested the President of Western Armenia, headed by him, to visit his homeland at least once a year to continue the observation mission. In her speech, Prime Minister Seda Melikyan presented the details of the meetings with Western Armenian citizens, the ceremony of giving passports to new citizens. It was noted with joy that our compatriots in Dersim, well aware of their Armenian identity, want to join the ranks of Western Armenian citizens. At the end of the session, the agenda of the next NA session was created.