The Armenian church of Hovhannes Mkrtich or Kanach Zham in Shushi was completely destroyed by the Azerbaijanis and now it is being transformed into an Orthodox church under the name of renovation. This is stated in the statement of the State Service for the Protection of the Historical Environment of the Republic of Artsakh. Kanach Zham Church, which Fuad Akhundov considers an  “Russian Orthodox” church, has turned into a gallery. Evidence has been preserved, according to which, in 1840 by special order of the authorities, all the Armenians living in the Muslim environment of the VerinTagh were moved to the Nerkin Tagh, 56 families who had a stone-built, wooden-roofed Church of St. astvatsatsin in Nerkin Tagh. The document says that Armenians were subjected to pressure from Muslims, which led to their resettlement. After moving to Verin Tagh, a wooden chapel was built in a new place, which was preserved until 1848, when the stone church of St. Hovhannes the Baptist was built in its place. Western Armenia states another case of vandalism, which this time is being carried out in Shushi. The deliberate transformation and presentation of a structure belonging to another culture into another structure is also considered vandalism. Such cases are very common in the territories of Western Armenia occupied by Turkey, where churches and monasteries were turned into barns  or used for other purposes.