US Congressmen Tony Cardenas and Brad Sherman presented an addendum to the Act on Appropriations for National Security in the 2023 budget year, calling together with the State Department of Defense to submit to Congress a report on Azerbaijan’s actions during the Artsakh War in 2020. The congressmen, in particular, demanded that the report include information on the use of American-made aerial vehicles in Turkish drones, used by Azerbaijan against both Armenia and Artsakh in 2020. In addition, the report should provide information on the use of white phosphorus, cluster bombs and other prohibited weapons by Azerbaijan against Artsakh, on the involvement of foreign terrorist mercenaries in the war. About a dozen congressmen expressed support for the above-mentioned 837th supplement. Western Armenia welcomes this initiative of the Congressmen, which will give a positive impetus in terms of disclosure and international condemnation of war crimes committed during the Artsakh War. Western Armenia has repeatedly turned to war crimes and, if possible, is ready to assist congressmen in solving this problem.