When asked about the restoration of the historical walls of the city of Tigranakert in Western Armenia, the former co-chairman of the Chamber of Architects of Tigranakert Sherefan Aydin noted that the Turkish state is trying in every way to hide the damage caused to the walls. “The Tigranakert Fortress and the cultural landscape territory of the Hevzel Gardens” were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List at the 39th meeting of the committee, which was held in Bonn, Germany, in 2015. The architect stated that the walls of the city were more destroyed due to improper actions applied not so long ago and that everything is being done to erase the traces that arose as a result of armed clashes in the Sur quarter. A proof of this is the demolition of the Sur quarter and the quarter being built in a completely new style. According to him, all this is done in order to erase the history of the former Sur from the memory of mankind. Sherefkhan Aydin continued his speech as follows: “During the clashes of 2015-2016, tanks and artillery were used in the Sur quarter, so the walls were seriously damaged. The restoration work that has begun is aimed at hiding all these destructions,  the history of Sur and presenting it to tourism in a completely different form.” Western Armenia expresses hope that under the cover of this restoration, they will not try to destroy the Armenian trace, despite the fact that we have all the arguments proving the Armenian character of this wonderful fortress.