The small village of Barekamavan in the Tavush region of the Republic of Armenia is surrounded by Azerbaijani positions on three sides. Once there were 1,150 inhabitants in the village. Today, about 160 people live here. Considering that more than 70% of the population of the village is over 60 years old, the problem of first aid is urgent. Drinking water is a serious problem in the village. People have water in their homes only once a week. The issue of security is no less important. From the Azerbaijani positions, both the village and the only way to the village are clearly visible. And although there were no shots fired here after 2015, but against the background of the post-war situation, residents are concerned. There is also a second road in the village, most of which is located outside the visibility zone of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. The villagers are engaged in agriculture. Western Armenia appeals to the Armenian leadership to immediately address this issue, otherwise, the devastation of the village will lead to bad consequences. And it is everyone’s duty, first of all, to lend a helping hand to the villagers guarding the border.