On July 6, the 27th meeting of the National Assembly of Western Armenia was held, which was attended by deputies from different countries. After the agenda was approved, the deputies touched upon the details of the mission of the delegates of Western Armenia in their homeland. They discussed and analyzed their meetings in Western Armenia with local indigenous Armenians. As deputy Arman Grigoryan from the USA noted, every Armenian should definitely visit Western Armenia to feel the warmth that the indigenous Armenians living there feel for us. The participants of the meeting decided to send a mandatory delegation to their homeland at least once a year and further expand communication with the indigenous Armenians living there and attract deputies from there to our ranks. During the meeting, President Armenag Aprahamian’s speech was presented at the meeting of the UN expert mechanism on the rights of indigenous peoples, which got positive responses from deputies. At the end of the meeting, the agenda of the next meeting was drawn up.