In the fortress of Erebuni, the results of the last 1 year of excavations carried out since 2008 on the territory of the fortress were summed up. The expedition was hosted by the French ambassador to Armenia, Anne Louyot. This research program, carried out within the framework of cooperation between Armenian and French archaeologists, mainly focuses on the monumental center of the fortress – Urartian temples.  Anne Louyot.noted that the head of the French archaeological expedition, Stephane Deschamps, together with Armenian and French colleagues, and students, has been working in this antiquity for many years with the financial support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Yerevan Municipality. French Professor Stephane Deschamps presented that here, on the one hand, is a chance to establish scientific cooperation with Armenian colleagues-archaeologists and conduct scientific exchanges, and on the other to study the entire history of the fortress of Erebuni.