The village of Garnen (Karnen) is located in the Mush district of the Bagesh Vilayet in Western Armenia, near the town of Mush. There was a church of St. Hakob in the village. There was also a school attached to the church. Garnen was one of the largest Armenian-populated villages in the Mush province. In 1914 there were 130 houses with a population of 1,500 people in the village. The main occupation of the population was animal husbandry and agriculture. They were also engaged in pottery. On July 11, 1915, the Turks attacked the village. There were heavy and persistent battles. Armenians were dying, with the exception of a few orphaned children, who, accompanied by Russian troops, crossed into Eastern Armenia. The Turks were turning the village into ruins. The capture of Mush by the Russian army in 1916 allowed the Armenians of Taron to return to the cradle, among whom were the compatriots of Sasun who survived the genocide. However, in 1918, a new attack by the Ottoman army forced the Armenians of Mush province to leave the holy Taron.