The Yazidi Justice Committee (YJK), having studied the role and negligence of states in the genocide of the Yazidis, completed its report, which took three and a half years. The committee, consisting of leading lawyers from 5 international human rights organizations, and the well-known human rights activist Helena Kennedy, who participated in the preparation of the report, called for Turkey to be tried in an International Court for cooperation with the genocide organized against the Yazidi people. The 278-page report says that the Turkish state allowed ISIS mercenaries to cross the border, allowed enslaved Yezidi women and children, selling them for money, conducted anti-Kurdish exercises with mercenaries, and thereby assisted the organizers of the genocide. At the same time, the writer Elif Shafak, recalling the condition of the mother and child of a Yazidi held hostage in the Turkish capital Ankara, who were released in exchange for ransom, said: “The persecution of the Yezidis is a great shame. The genocide has not ended, and more than 3,000 Yazidi women and girls are still missing.” Western Armenia condemns any genocidal acts, since a year before the  Genocide of Armenians, Armenians were subjected to genocide in their native territories and still bear catastrophic consequences.